Our Top Tips For Preserving The Life of Your Denims

There’s really no better feeling than finding that one pair of jeans that you both look and feel fantastic in! Once you find that perfect pair it’s hard not to wear them everyday. 

While denim is known for being a particularly durable fabric, it’s still important to care for your jeans properly so that they last longer. Caring for your jeans is a little different to other pieces in your wardrobe, but it doesn’t have to be too complicated! 

Read on for our top tips to give your jeans a long life span.

Less is More

Despite what you might think, you don’t actually need to wash your jeans very often. The general rule of thumb is roughly every 10 washes (or when they start to smell). Because denim is a thicker material you can get away with washing less often which helps preserve the shape you love so much. 

Wash Cold

It can be tempting to just throw your jeans in to a regular wash with the rest of your clothes - but keeping them separate and washing in cold water helps to preserve their colour and prevent fading and shrinking. Bonus: cold water saves energy, Laing it better for your jeans and the planet. 

Avoid the Dryer

The natural enemy of your favourite denims - tumble drying jeans causes shrinkage and accelerates the wear of the denim. Instead hang up and air dry to preserve the shape. It can also be a good idea to hang up outside to give your jeans a freshen up in between washes. 

Spot Clean

It’s inevitable that you’ll get your jeans a little dirty in between washes. Don’t worry if this happens - it doesn’t mean you need to wash them right away. You can use a soft bristled brush to work out any marks, or for more stubborn stains just wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Basically it comes down to treating your jeans as gently as possible and washing them sparingly. Following these steps will help preserve the life of your favourite denims so they can last for years to come! 

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